Fresh from the bustling city of Chennai, where technology meets tradition, the Climb Channel Solutions team has just wrapped up four days at the ManageEngine Partner Meet 2024.

For our team, this event wasn’t just another conference in the calendar but a chance for Climb, as the leading U.K. distributor of ManageEngine, to strategically align our plans for 2024 with ManageEngine’s vision. We also enjoyed the opportunity to network with industry peers and gather a wealth of insights to empower you, our valued partners, to navigate and grow the ManageEngine portfolio with your customers.

Here are our highlights from the event, and some of our key strategic focus areas for 2024:

Embracing the Cloud: Expansion and Innovation

A central theme at Partner Meet 2024 was ManageEngine’s commitment to cloud-centric strategies and solutions. They are focusing on both remote-cloud and on-premises-cloud solutions, reflecting a commitment to support diverse deployment options.

This emphasis on cloud technology is both timely and critical, offering significant benefits for partners with customers in the midst of digital transformation – or those about to embark on a cloud-first strategy. It will allow them to harness the scalability and accessibility of cloud services while maintaining essential operations on-premises.

For you, this translates into the capability to offer a broader and more adaptable range of solutions, catering to the specific needs of your customers – whether they fully embrace the cloud or prefer a more hybrid approach.

The push towards digital transformation is paralleled by growing cybersecurity challenges. At Partner Meet 2024, the ManageEngine team highlighted the crucial role of cloud-based solutions in addressing these challenges.

By embedding advanced security features into their cloud offerings, ManageEngine is ensuring that digital enterprises remain agile and secure. These solutions facilitate the efficient management of digital infrastructures and adherence to stringent cybersecurity standards, which is essential for businesses navigating today’s complex cyber threat landscape.

Meeting Compliance Demands

Compliance is now both a regulatory imperative and a competitive advantage – an idea which took centre stage at Partner Meet 2024.

A significant area of opportunity for our partners in 2024 lies in aligning solutions with the U.K.’s cybersecurity and data protection frameworks like Cyber Essentials Plus and NIST. Take, for example, how tools like ManageEngine’s AD360 and Log360 can support your compliance-focused discussions with customers. These solutions, fitting with the pillars of NIST – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover – offer a comprehensive approach to compliance.

At Climb, we recognise the importance of these compliance-first tools, as well as other auditing, observability and monitoring capabilities. We are committed to working closely with our partners throughout the year to ensure your customers receive the best compliance-first solutions, as well as dedicated support and advice for improving their compliance posture.

A Focus on U.K. Growth and Partner Support

We are excited about ManageEngine’s ongoing strategic investment in the U.K. market, and we see this as a huge growth opportunity for our partners in 2024 and beyond.

Backed by ManageEngine, the Climb team will ensure that our U.K. partners are fully equipped to implement, optimise, and maximise the benefits of your customers’ ManageEngine ecosystems.

Remember, at Climb we not only have extensive technological experience but also a large and dedicated U.K. team focused on ManageEngine. This enables us to support you in driving your ManageEngine business forward. Focusing on this key strategic area is a priority for us this year, and we’re looking forward to working closely with you.

At Climb Channel Solutions, our focus is on empowering our partners to strengthen and grow their businesses. Whether it’s through compliance, cloud expansion, or capitalising on growth opportunities in the U.K., our team is ready to support you.

If there’s one key takeaway from Partner Meet 2024, it’s that both ManageEngine and Climb are here to help you get the most out of ManageEngine’s comprehensive platform for managing digital enterprises end-to-end.

We’re looking forward to continuing discussions around compliance, cloud, management solutions – and more. All of these are areas where we see significant growth opportunities and benefits for our partners in 2024.