We’re excited to announce that SolarWinds has named Climb Channel Solutions as a priority distributor in the UK to create optimum channel engagement for SolarWinds Partners.  

Climb has a long-standing relationship with SolarWinds and is excited to move forward with this partnership. Our SolarWinds Business Development Manager, Andrew Snell, can help with any enquiries, demos and deal registrations and can support you in growing the opportunity with your end user. 

“This is great news for Climb Channel Solutions UK and SolarWinds. We look forward to continuing our fantastic, long-term relationship with SolarWinds into the future. The specialist solutions offered by SolarWinds, enables us to retain and grow resellers across the UK and beyond. I look forward to a successful 2022 alongside this leading vendor partner.” James McNaughton, General Manager of Climb Channel Solutions UK. 

Get in touch with Climb for all your SolarWinds need!  

Find out more about their portfolio on our SolarWinds Vendor Hub and discover their latest product, Hybrid Cloud Observerability, in this video.