Gerard Brophy, CRO, Climb Channel Solutions

Climb’s Blueprint for Success: Unified and Forward-Thinking  

I, on behalf of Climb Channel Solutions, am proud to announce the launch of our new global logo, a strategic step in aligning our worldwide operations under a single, unified brand. Get ready to see us in a whole new light!  

As we embrace this new phase for Climb, I want to reflect on what drives our company, distinguishes us within the industry, and ensures our partners and vendors benefit from continued innovation and collaboration. I am excited about what the future holds for us all – I hope you are, too.  

Our Growth and Evolution  

Climb has consistently pursued growth through strategic acquisitions that have brought a wealth of experience and expertise to our business. By acquiring three distribution companies — Sigma in 2020, Spinnakar in 2021, and DataSolutions in 2023 – we have expanded our footprint in the UKI market. This strategy is aimed at enhancing our standing as key players in the region and intensifying our focus on emerging technologies.    

We take pride in not being perceived as an opaque industry giant, but rather as an agile and responsive partner to our resellers and a trusted distributor to our vendors. Over the next few years, we’ll continue to scale up in a smart and sustainable way. We’ll also balance our presence across the US and EMEA markets, transitioning towards a more significant share of our business in EMEA – which distinguishes us from other global players.  

Why Partner with Climb?  

People-Driven Success: At Climb, our strategy is inherently people-centric. We believe in the power of the right people to propel our business forward. From the vendors we acquire to the partners we engage with to the people we hire, it’s all about aligning with those who share our DNA— uncomplicated, focused, and quick to market.  

A Consultative Approach: We redefine channel dynamics not through broadline distribution, but by being specific and strategic with our partners. We understand that our success is fundamentally tied to yours, which is why we place great emphasis on aligning closely with our partners’ individual market strategies and end-user engagement.  

Creating Uncontested Market Space: Climb is committed to creating a niche for emerging technologies. Being one of the largest distribution partners for such technologies, we offer not only scale but also a personalised and strategic approach that recognises the importance of margins and the value of innovative products.   

The Significance of One Unified Climb Brand  

The unified Climb Channel Solutions brand embodies growth, a community-driven ethos, and our forward-looking vision. It emphasises our commitment to people at every level of our operations. It’s a symbol that we are one Climb, globally. This unity is crucial for both our internal sense of identity but also in how we interact with you, our partners and vendors. We want you to see us not just as a distributor but as a true business partner, committed to mutual success.  


I hope this message resonates with you as much as it does with us at Climb. Our unified, global logo symbolises our commitment to a future characterised by collaboration, innovation, and success. We invite you to join us as we climb to new heights, not just to meet expectations, but to exceed them and set new benchmarks for success in the IT industry, worldwide.