Energy is expensive and the costs are not going down. Every single organisation has unstructured data which is difficult to manage and organise.

Help your customers to understand the importance of managing their unstructured data along with the cost savings and benefits from getting their data in order. Having a smaller carbon footprint is a key driver for many commercial and public organisations right now who are driving towards net zero targets by 2030.

In this webinar you will learn how to gain insight into helping to prepare your customers to:

– Handle their unstructured data
– Build a business case to get the resources to manage it proactively
– Take action by obtaining a Datadobi StorageMAP File System Assessment from Climb.

A StorageMAP File System Assessment helps organisations gain a clear view of their data landscape from a single view. Help your customers to classify and organise data, in order for them to benefit from a reduction in risk, cost, and carbon footprint quickly.

Drive new services revenue and pipeline with StorageMAP File System Assessments to support your customers in new, differentiated ways.

Watch the recorded version by clicking here