Five reasons why Seagate Lyve is about to become your go-to mass data storage provider

With over four decades of industry leadership and involvement in storing 45% of the world’s data, Seagate is a leader in data storage and management. We are excited to introduce Lyve Cloud, Seagate’s edge-to-cloud mass storage platform, to you – our channel partners. Lyve’s mission is to overcome the cost and complexity of storing, moving and activating data at scale.

Here are five reasons why Seagate Lyve stands out in the mass data storage space:

1. Storage Performance

Lyve Cloud is a simple and highly efficient storage-as-a-service for mass-capacity storage. Lyve Cloud’s transparent pricing, ease of use, scalability and durability means data can be stored for longer and activated whenever it’s needed.

Seagate Lyve is designed with performance at its core. The service already provides mass data storage for businesses within several fast-moving and complex industries such as media, healthcare and transport.

Seagate’s edge-to-cloud portfolio ensures seamless data acquisition, transfer and storage. With products like Lyve Mobile for efficient data transfer, Seagate provides the tools necessary to move and manage large or complex data volumes at speed and with efficiency.

2. Data Security

Data security is in Seagate’s DNA, which is why Seagate Lyve Cloud delivers high-security protocols and provides durable storage options. It’s a system designed for constant availability, ensuring that data is stored effectively and securely, whilst remaining persistently accessible.

A robust system of controls, processes and policies govern the management of Lyve Cloud, so you can rest assured that your – and your customers’ data – is in safe hands.

Data in Lyve Cloud is hosted in Tier 4 data centres and Seagate takes data encryption seriously. With Lyve Cloud, your data cannot be disabled: data is always encrypted, whether at rest or in transit. Additionally, Lyve Cloud offers protection against malicious attacks, including ransomware. Object immutability protects data from accidental manipulation or deletion.

Privacy and ownership are central to Seagate’s mission, which is why Seagate will never use or access any data stored in a Lyve Cloud S3 repository.

3. Seamless Integration and Flexibility

Lyve Cloud’s flexibility allows for integration into a multi-cloud environment without the typical restrictions or penalties. This adaptability is crucial for your customers who are transitioning from on-prem to cloud-based infrastructures, or those employing complex hybrid environments. Seagate provides tailored integration services to optimise data flow from on-prem into the cloud, helping to maintain operational continuity and maximise efficiency.

4. Economic Advantage

Economic efficiency is critical in today’s data-driven landscape. Lyve Cloud is designed to be a cost-effective solution, offering up to 70% savings compared to other cloud services. With flexible pricing plans and genuinely no hidden fees for data egress, Seagate makes large-scale storage solutions more accessible and financially sustainable for businesses of all sizes.

At Climb, we are really impressed by Lyve Cloud’s transparent pricing and pay-as-you-model, which is a decidedly customer-first approach to cloud storage. This flexible approach to pricing allows partners to really manage their cloud budget and grows and scales with you on your own timeline.

5. The Seagate Brand

Seagate’s legacy is built on 45 years of innovation and reliability in data storage, underpinning the infrastructure of major cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google. The Seagate brand is synonymous with quality and trust, and the company is a leader in the data storage industry. As Seagate expands into enterprise storage and cloud solutions, the strength of the brand, combined with the benefits of flexible, affordable and secure cloud storage, provides a real competitive edge for partners.

For Climb channel partners, understanding the full scope of what Seagate Lyve offers is crucial. From unmatched storage performance and iron-clad data security to economic flexibility and the power of a well-established brand, Seagate provides a comprehensive solution tailored for the demands of modern data management.

If you’d like to discuss Seagate Lyve in more detail, please contact me.