Sustainability is the current buzzword in the channel, especially as businesses realise the impact it can have. It’s easy to assume that as businesses move towards hybrid working, they’re instantly more sustainable, but there are so many ways businesses can make a change. Whether this is from reusing their devices, finding an economical brand of toilet paper, or encouraging car-sharing when staff are visiting the office.

Many of our vendors have solutions that can help your customers achieve a more sustainable business. We have created a sustainability page outlining each of the products our vendors offer and how your customers can benefit from using them, not only to become more sustainable but also to save them money. We have also included useful hints and tips for you to share with your customers to propel them towards sustainability both in the office and at home!


Take a look at our Sustainability page and get in touch with our specialist sales team for more information at or call us on +44 (0) 1364 655 200