Invicti Security™ today announced its partnership with Climb Channel Solutions, a global specialty IT distributor. With a primary focus on the UK and Irish markets, Climb will deliver Invicti’s full product portfolio in addition to having technical, pre- and post-sales support on the partnership roadmap.

“There’s a massive opportunity for Invicti and our partners in these regions.Our partnership with Climb not only plays an important role in our growth into new verticals and geographies, but it upholds our commitment to providing our partners and customers with best-in-DAST solutions,” said Daniella Streng, Senior Vice President Sales, Invicti.

Invicti – which acquired and combined AppSec solutions Acunetix and Netsparker under its brand name – delivers continuous application security with zero noise, designed to be reliable for security, practical for development, and serve critical compliance requirements. Leveraging dynamic application security (DAST), software composition analysis (SCA), and interactive application security (IAST) to provide the greatest testing accuracy, coverage, and speed, Invicti enables companies to better secure and ultimately reduce risk across their web applications and APIs.

“This relationship helps us deliver on our commitment of helping our broad range of international partners and customers secure their company’s most important assets,” said Jane Silk, Vice President Sales, EMEA, Climb Channel solutions. “By partnering with Invicti and offering their leading AppSec solutions, we can better help DevSecOps teams meet the increasingly critical demand for finding and remediating web vulnerabilities.”

For more information about the Invicti Software portfolio get in touch on +44 1364 533 200 or and have a look at our vendor hub