LogicGate announces EMEA Expansion to meet growing demand for holistic GRC solutions.

LogicGate, a leading provider of transformative risk and compliance solutions through its Risk Cloud® platform, today announced an expanded international presence and partnership to help risk leaders across the world transform, connect, and scale their GRC programs.

According to Gartner, 75% of the global population will have privacy protections by the end of 2024. As the global regulatory environment grows increasingly complex, companies need to bring security and privacy teams together to increase collaboration, communication and visibility across the organization. Through their partnership, LogicGate and Climb will help multinational organizations navigate global security and privacy concerns by developing holistic, centralized and connected GRC programs.

“In today’s evolving GRC landscape, privacy doesn’t equal security, and security doesn’t always translate to compliance,” said Andy Ruse, president of field operations at LogicGate. “As organizations navigate the complexities of our global regulatory system, they need to move beyond ‘checking the compliance box’ to ensure their systems are compliant and secure. By partnering with Climb, we’re taking a major step forward in bringing holistic GRC to the EMEA market and helping global companies transform their risks into strategic opportunities.”

“In today’s global risk landscape, many companies have difficulty communicating privacy and security issues to stakeholders, prioritizing decision-making on business context and aligning teams around shared outcomes,” said Andrew Fidgeon, Business Development Director at Climb Channel Solutions. “LogicGate’s Risk Cloud platform enables leaders to ensure their systems are both compliant and secure by easily breaking down silos and encouraging cross-departmental collaboration across the organization.”


For more information about the LogicGate Software portfolio and how Climb can help, visit the LogicGate vendor hub on the Climb Website.