Quest Software announced new enhancements to its On Demand License Management solution, which provides customers with visibility and direct actionable insights to ensure optimal license spend on Microsoft 365 and Office 365 licenses.

Microsoft 365 license management is a crucial role that ensures a conducive number of licenses are available to support businesses today and into the future. IT administrators are responsible for managing users’ Microsoft 365 licenses, including assigning and configuring Microsoft 365 and Azure AD licenses for new employees, cancelling or transferring existing licenses when employees leave the company, and reassigning unassigned licenses to other users.

But today, many organisations are lacking when it comes to their license management capabilities. This gap in license management can lead to license sprawl; paying for licenses and add-ons that are inactive; paying for duplicate licenses; and paying for licenses that are assigned to user accounts that are not enabled. Now, with Microsoft increasing the price of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licenses in March 2022, money wasted due to weak or non-existent license management will really begin to impact organizations – possibly indefinitely.

With Quest’s enhancements to its On Demand License Management platform, customers are now further empowered to:

  • Gain Greater Visibility – IT administrators gain greater visibility into Office 365 licensing, enabling them to better determine how many Office 365 licenses are available, who they are assigned to, and better understand if end users are utilising Office 365 services that have been provisioned, or if they should be downgraded.
  • Access Licensing Activity in a Single Action Dashboard – On Demand License Management offers a single go-to license reporting dashboard for all license reporting needs, including license assignments. The action dashboard now offers license alerting when licenses are running low, and makes suggestions on how to better optimize current license deployments. With the single On Demand Portal, there is no need to navigate multiple portals or PowerShell to get the reports needed for ideal license optimisation.
  • Manage Direct and Group License Assignments – IT administrators can directly assign or revoke user licenses within the License Reporting Dashboard. The License Reporting Dashboard also supports cloud and hybrid group-based license assignments and revoking.

“As we enter into the new year, there has never been a better time to reevaluate where license spend is going. Not only is license waste time-consuming to determine and costly, but it’s easily preventable,” said Curtis Johnstone, Distinguished Engineer, Office of the CTO, Quest Software. “With Quest’s new On Demand License Management capabilities, like added visibility, real-time license alerting and enhanced management capabilities, organisations and end users are further empowered to save money, time and effort managing Microsoft 365 licenses as costs increase.”

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