Thomas Lewis, Vendor Manager, Climb Channel Solutions 

As the SolarWinds Vendor Manager at Climb Channel Solutions, I recently had the privilege of attending the SolarWinds Transform Partner Summit EMEA 2024 in Lisbon. This four-day event was a celebration of channel partners and an opportunity to explore new avenues for business acceleration. 

This year’s summit underscored the critical importance of channel dynamics, with the SolarWinds team demonstrating a deep commitment to the channel’s future success. Among the many discussions, product innovation took centre stage, particularly Hybrid Cloud Observability (HCO) and SolarWinds Database, pointing towards a broader strategy for digital transformation and enhanced IT service management (ITSM). 

Here’s a recap of the key highlights and insights from the summit: 

Product Spotlight: Hybrid Cloud Observability
The summit placed a significant emphasis on Hybrid Cloud Observability (HCO). We discussed how HCO is delivering unmatched visibility across on-premises and multi-cloud environments and how, by reducing operational noise and enabling more proactive issue detection, HCO can help modernise IT operations. 

This expanded focus on HCO not only aligns with an industry-wide push for modernisation but also offers a digital transformation opportunity for our partners and their customers. 

New Partner Program and Channel-First Approach
One of the summit’s major announcements was the refresh of SolarWinds’ Transform Renewal Incumbency Program. This program, launching in the spring, is designed to offer enhanced pricing advantages for incumbents, encouraging partners to maintain and expand their distributor relationships. 

Additionally, SolarWinds introduced a new incentive program for all SWI partners, featuring a yearly target with a growth incentive. This program rewards partners for achieving their annual CI incremental bookings target sooner within the year, emphasising the value of rapid acceleration. 

Finally, the Fast Track Program was highlighted, which aims to foster partner growth with objective, out-of-cycle promotions to higher partner tier levels. These initiatives underscore a channel-first approach, recognising the importance of empowering partners to advance their strategic objectives at speed. 

Networking and Collaboration
Over the four days, I interacted with SolarWinds employees from several countries, working in a variety of positions and verticals. Many conversations revealed the strong reputation of Climb Channel Solutions within the SolarWinds community and a shared enthusiasm for deepening our collaboration. This is a testament to Climb’s decidedly channel-first approach and our championing of collective efforts and strong relationships as central to delivering success.  

Looking Forward

Reflecting on the SolarWinds Transform Partner Summit EMEA 2024, it’s clear that the event was not only about celebrating past successes but also about laying the groundwork for future achievements. The emphasis on HCO, alongside the introduction of new partner programs, is a step towards embracing digital transformation and accelerating business growth. 

We look forward to continued collaboration and innovation with our partners, leveraging the SolarWinds product portfolio to unlock new business opportunities globally. For any partners interested in discussing SolarWinds’ products and how we can drive success together, please feel free to contact me.