SolarWinds have released their latest IT Trends report, Getting IT Right: Managing Hybrid IT Complexity.

As businesses have moved towards hybrid working and adoption of the cloud, there has been a rise in the complexity of IT management, as shown in the report from just under a third of technology practitioners. This shift has also created a lack of visibility for IT teams, with them only being able to see half of their apps and infrastructure. Now more than ever, IT teams need to be able to navigate the ever-changing environments they support.

The report also looks at how the complexity of IT management has impacted ROI and more.

Key reminders throughout the report

  • Acknowledging hybrid ITs complexity is the first step to managing it
  • Visibility affects the whole business
  • ROI depends on smart IT solutions
  • Find the solution that is the best for you
  • Progress requires investment

Get involved and take the assessment to see where you sit on each of their key findings!

You can read the full report here.

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