Do you want the chance to earn with each deal you register? How about the opportunity to double your money?

Take a look at ThreatDown’s new SPIFF! Register a deal between 1.2.24 – 30.4.24 and you could earn up to £250

*see T&Cs below for full details.

For more information on the offering from ThreatDown, visit the vendor hub or contact our Alliance Manager, Andrew Snell. 


  • SPIFF maximum is determined by ThreatDown Channel Account Manager overall for each partner, per quarter.
  • Deals must be sourced by the partner, registered with ThreatDown, and must be qualified, validated and approved by ThreatDown Sales team.
  • The deal must be registered and closed between 2/1/24 and 4/30/24.
  • Only new customers who haven’t purchased a ThreatDown Business product in the last three years are eligible for promotion.
  • Deal size is a single deal, net value (in GDP) of the software products to Threatdown.
  • To qualify, deals must be £5,000-£9,999 (£100/£100) and £10,000 (£250/£250). An initial discovery call must be completed between the customer and the ThreatDown team to receive the £100/£250 deal reg SPIFF. To qualify for the additional £100/£250 SPIFF the deal must be closed/won.