The meaning of “back-to-school” has dramatically evolved in the last few years. Whereas most 5-18 year-olds still pack their bags and attend a physical learning place, many others of all ages are opting for a more bespoke approach to learning. Whether students are in school or being home-schooled, choosing online or partially remote degrees, looking for short courses to compliment their CV, or retraining for a new career; the education sector has gone digital. One of the leading e-learning vendors, TechSmith, provides solutions to enhance and personalise every learning experience to each individual, no matter how they choose to go “back-to-school”.

Revolutionising the classroom

It wasn’t too long ago that overhead projectors were the latest classroom revolution, projecting a worksheet, enlarged, onto a whiteboard for students and teachers to present and write on. Then came the smartboard. Then iPads. However, all of these tools commonly followed a very similar teaching style; teachers at the front of the room, displaying a presentation and talking through worksheets and word documents. Interactivity and adaptation for different learning styles or neurodivergent students were limited. Since 2020, when students around the world were forced into remote learning, new and exciting software and elearning tools were invested in, which now have the ability to be incorporated into classroom learning post-pandemic. 

  • Recording lessons, presentations or topic-specific infographics customised for each learning level 
  • Individualised task-setting for students with different strengths and weaknesses 
  • Video tutorials for grasping equations, complicated concepts or timelines 
  • Include captions and audio descriptions in all online recorded content (even screen recordings!) 
  • Ensure absences and absent minds never miss out with all recordings and content at their fingertips at home 

 Offer your school-based customers all of the above with solutions that have a simple UI for all tech-abilities and provide the opportunity to save time on lesson planning and student monitoring while improving the classroom learning experience for all participants and their learning styles. 

The rise of homeschooling in the United Kingdom

It is predicted that in 2019/2020, there were between 80,000 and 130,000 homeschooled children in the U.K. This is a dramatic increase from 2016/2017 which was 48,000 homeschooled children, which is a 40% rise from figures reported in 2014/2015. However, these statistics are likely underestimates due to the lack of legislation around registering children as “home educated”. The decision to home educate ones children often lies in the dissatisfaction with conventional teaching structures in schools and lack of one-on-one time. However, despite the more individual-centric model of home educating, many parents still use online platforms, tutors, short-courses and resources to help supplement their children’s learning.  

Having a solution that can adapt and cater for multiple different learning and teaching styles is a necessity, especially from a vendor that champions unique ways of presenting information and doesn’t have a minimum license order. 

Learning through the ages

Gone are the days of obtaining a “job-for-life”. The baby-boomer generation had an average of 12.3 jobs from ages 18-52. However, 91% of millennials reported that they expect to change roles every 3 years and 86% of U.K. workers in their 20’s are considering a career change. A recent article by The Financial Times recommended new graduates (millennials and gen Z’s) plan for 5+ careers in their lifetime.

Why is this so important for the education sector to consider? With advancements in technology accelerating knowledge and skill-level in every sector, it’s becoming increasingly desired and required for individuals to seek short-courses for promotions or retraining for new careers. Because of this rise in demand, and the likely difficulties of attending a physical university or learning location as a mature student, online course providers and universities are multiplying exponentially.

These various course providers need the most efficient and all-inclusive software to deliver their courses, which might not even involve one-on-one contact with the student.  

Recorded presentations, animated videos, screen recordings and verbal explanations of topics can enhance the experience for learners and allow course providers to widen their demographic and become more inclusive.

The education sector is expanding every year, including new ways to provide young students with an education to higher demand for continued lifetime learning opportunities to upskill or retrain for new careers.

“Today, planning for back-to-school can mean so many different things. As an educator, you can quickly feel overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be challenging.

Incorporating visuals like short videos or annotated images into your lesson materials can save you time and help your students absorb information faster. Whether you’re teaching in a physical classroom every day or creating online courses, even the impossible is possible with the right tools.”

– Jason Valade, TechSmith Instructional Designer, Master Trainer, Educator.


No matter the course, subject or provider, TechSmith can provide your customers with the easy-to-use tools they need to enhance the learning experience and widen their audiences. Find out more about TechSmith and their education solutions on the TechSmith Vendor Hub or get in touch with Climb’s Business Development Manager, Rod McVeigh by emailing For more information, trends and solutions regarding the education sector, take a look at our Education Sector Solutions Page.