Peter de Lange, Alliance Manager, Climb Channel Solutions 

In the wake of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, there’s been a fundamental change in IT channel dynamics. As many of you know, several of VMware’s long-standing partners are grappling with uncertainty, as VMware shifts its focus towards direct engagements with its top-tier customers and redefines its partnership model. So, is there a VMware alternative?

During this transformation, Climb Channel Solutions wants to reassure you, our channel partners. Our mission is clear: to assist you in navigating these changes and work towards a future of growth, stability, and innovation for you and your customers.

Empowering partners through change

Let’s not focus too heavily on the VMware situation. Instead, let’s view it as a backdrop to a more significant conversation about evolution and opportunity. Climb is actively working to support channel partners during this transition, offering a VMware alternative, Scale Computing, that prioritises innovation, support, and a partnership-first ethos.

We also recognise the challenges and opportunities ahead for VMware partners more broadly, which is why we are committed to facilitating your shift to a more adaptable, scalable future through our extensive vendor ecosystem and dedication to rapid onboarding and comprehensive, global support.

Scale Computing: revolutionising virtualisation with a VMware Alternative

Our partnership with Scale Computing introduces a pioneering virtualisation technology perfect for VMware partners seeking new solutions. Scale Computing’s HC3® platform is a testament to simplification and efficiency, integrating server, storage, and virtualisation into a unified system designed to streamline IT operations while reducing costs.

The HC3 platform’s architecture is engineered to reduce the complexity and scalability challenges associated with traditional virtualisation solutions. By offering a solution that encompasses high availability, disaster recovery, and scalability without the need for third-party software or hardware, Scale Computing presents an attractive proposition for businesses aiming to move away from the expensive and complex ecosystems like VMware’s.

Exploring the edge: a channel opportunity

Scale Computing is at the forefront of edge computing, addressing your customers’ critical need to manage distributed environments as applications are increasingly deployed beyond the traditional data centre. The SC//Platform enables businesses to manage these environments effortlessly, ensuring applications operate effectively at the network’s edge. This capability opens up new avenues for channel partners, offering a chance to deliver solutions that are not just effective but are also simple, future-proofed, cost-efficient, and reliable.

A channel-first commitment

With a 100% channel-focused ethos, Scale Computing aligns perfectly with Climb’s partner-centric philosophy. Scale Computing is also offering a 25% discount to VMware customers transitioning to their platform, alongside a comprehensive program tailored for MSPs.

So, for channel partners disenchanted by VMware’s recent strategic changes, the message is clear: Climb can help you. With Scale Computing, we can provide you and your customers with a viable, simple, and fully supported alternative to VMware.

Your next step

For channel partners reassessing their position in the wake of VMware’s strategic shifts, Climb Channel Solutions, in partnership with Scale Computing, is here to support you. Together, we offer a robust, supported, and viable VMware alternative, designed with your needs and those of your customers in mind.

Our collaboration with Scale Computing isn’t just about responding to market changes. This is a forward-looking strategy aimed at empowering our partners with innovative, practical, and efficient solutions.

We invite partners to get in touch and discuss how Climb Channel Solutions and Scale Computing can support your journey towards a more adaptable and innovative future. Let’s explore how our solutions can meet your specific needs and help you seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

You can contact Peter De Lange directly on to discover more about our partnership with Scale Computing and how we can help you with a VMware alternative. You can also visit our dedicated Vendor page for Scale Computing.