Wasabi Technologies have recently launched Wasabi AiR™ — The industry’s first searchable active archive that leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) recognition to bring structure to unstructured data, enabling businesses to put their content to work.  

As a managed service, Wasabi AiR combines a pre-built learning library and custom machine learning capabilities with fast cloud object storage to dramatically simplify AI adoption, accelerate ROI and lower post-production costs. Only Wasabi combines advanced AI tagging with cloud storage, allowing your customers to pay for one service while enjoying the benefits of multiple recognition capabilities. Wasabi AiR enables the media and entertainment (M&E) industry to scale AI tagging and transcriptions affordably, with no machine learning skills required. 

Why Wasabi AiR? 

  • Accurate – Pre-trained for common M&E use cases. Advanced object recognition and excellent speech-to-text accuracy rates ensure tagging accuracy in over 50 languages. 
  • Secure – Machine learning owned and controlled by you with enterprise-grade security designed to keep your IP protected from ransomware or other disasters. 
  • Affordable – No additional fees for AI analysis, egress, search queries or other API requests. You pay only for terabytes stored. No hidden charges.  

See Wasabi AiR in action on the video below:  

Please note: Wasabi AiR will not be a good fit for all resellers. Due to the level of complexity of these media workflows, partners need to have experience in the media and entertainment space and offer professional services to assist with the set-up and maintenance of the environment.   

An authorised Wasabi AiR partner will:   

  • Have experience providing professional services specifically for the Media & Entertainment industry  
  • Sells other editorial workflow products today, such as media asset managers  
  • Provides tier 1 support to their customers  

Please note that Wasabi AiR will only be sold in the Reserved Capacity Storage model and has a minimum purchase amount of 100 TB.   

If you meet the requirements above and are interested in becoming an approved Wasabi AiR reseller, please get in touch with our Vendor Manager, Yvonne Prest, on yvonnep@climbcs.co.uk to find out more.