We’re excited to share that we have partnered with Wasabi, the provider of Hot Cloud Storage for enterprise class, tier-free, instantly available and allows companies to store an infinite amount of data affordably.

Resellers who buy through Climb will now have the ability to offer Wasabi’s simple, affordable, and predictable cloud storage that is 1/5th the price and faster than the competition, with no fees for egress or API requests. In addition, Wasabi offers valuable enterprise-focused tools and approaches for rapid data migration, such as Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance, Wasabi Direct Connect, and more. Its breakthrough price-performance model makes this a simple choice for VARs and MSPs looking to migrate customers to the cloud for a wide range of storage use cases. These use cases may include data backup and disaster recovery, archiving, application development, and more.

For more information on Wasabi and the benefit it offers, have a look at our Vendor Hub or get in touch with our team today: +44 1364 655 200