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Welcome to our Productivity Safari! Join us as we discover the key areas within a business that can lack productivity. This section of our guide will take you through effective system tools and the ways your customers can improve their processes.

Effective System Tools

Did you know that Cheetahs are the world’s fastest land animal and can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in only three seconds? That speed allows them to hunt effectively for their survival.

Making sure systems run at cheetah’s speed, saves companies money and increases productivity. Ineffective and slow systems can lead to frustration in the workforce, which can decrease output and with that, revenue.

Our vendors’ solutions can ensure systems run effectively to keep the workforce happy and ineffective systems a thing of the past.

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Product Focus Area


Do your customers complain about PCs or servers slowing down? Condusiv DymaxIO boost the performance of Windows & SQL by at least 30-40% and fixes performance problems such as applications and SQL slowing down and freezing. In the long run, this gives your customers an extended life of their hardware and reduces timeouts and crashes of systems.


RealVNC offers solutions to connect users from anywhere with access at any time. Ensuring employees have access to the right systems and solutions to allow them to do their best work. Accessing the systems from anywhere means employees are always up-to-date and can do their work from anywhere.


BYOD is on the rise and can save companies $350 per year/employee (Forbes). Parallels can help your customers ensure employees can run the company required Windows programmes side-by-side with their Mac and offers a centralised administration for the IT teams.


Top Tips for Effective Systems

Ensure systems and processes are updated

Inefficiencies can cost companies as much as 20-30 % of their annual revenue. Ensuring the systems and processes are as efficient as possible, can allow your customers to invest that percentage of their annual revenue into something else. Friday drinks for anyone maybe?

Don’t let downtime slow the business down

Systems being down or not working as fast and as efficient as they could, wastes employees time, leading to frustration and reduced productivity. This influences the output that a company has and, in the end, cost a lot of money.

Correct inefficiencies to ensure quality

Unhappy employees and ineffective systems can cause a lot of errors. Correcting inefficiencies across a process or systems can have a major impact on success rates in any business, and get those quality results up.

Don’t let employees get frustrated

Working with inefficient systems is frustrating for employees. If you have to use these systems part or full time to complete a job, employees will not be going the extra mile.


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