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This is the place where it all starts. You’ll be looked after by our Microsoft Business Development Manager. They’ll get to know your Microsoft partnership aspirations and outline how our reseller partner programme can help you climb to the top of your reselling game.

They’ll also introduce you to Climb Expedition, our cloud marketplace.


We are with you every step of the way with regular partnership reviews to help you make the most of our programme.

Your Account Manager is on-hand to support you in achieving Microsoft competencies, submitting listings to the Microsoft Marketplace and update you on the latest incentives.

Furthermore, if you need clarity on complex licensing scenarios, you have access to our team of Microsoft licensing specialists.

Technical Support

As part of our programme, you have access to Microsoft Cloud Discovery sessions. These are short sessions designed to support your customer engagements and help you win business. Our certified cloud solution specialists know where your customers’ aspirations can be aligned to Microsoft solutions and outline appropriate next steps.

The break/fix support delivered by our team of Microsoft certified engineers is backed by Microsoft Premier Support which ensures priority escalation.

Subscription Optimisation

Empower your customers to make the most out of their Microsoft 365 and Azure licences with access to a range of optimisation services.

One-off assessments will identify immediate opportunities for your customers to streamline their licences. If continual optimisation is required, we have optimisation tools for Microsoft 365 and Azure which can be deployed to proactively monitor user adoption and usage.

Subscription Management

Easily manage cloud services on behalf of your customers from a simple dashboard.

You can upgrade to a storefront with your own branding to enable your customers to self-serve and also define pricing, mark-up, and integrate online payments and billing. Let us know if you’d like more information.

Training and Certification

Become experts on Microsoft products with sales and technical training. Uncover more sales opportunities and deliver added value with technical expertise.

Get access to a 40% discount on Microsoft technical certification training and free Microsoft exam vouchers. You’ll also get first dibs on spaces at our regular webinars and events.


To support you getting the Microsoft message out to your customers, our reseller programme gives you access to a range of Microsoft assets that you can customise and rebrand.

As your sales go up, you can earn Marketing Investment Funds (MIF), to support your Microsoft Go-To-Market activities and to reinvest in professional services delivery for your customers.

Expedition Cloud Marketplace

To create a profitable Microsoft resale business, you need a smart platform that enables you to act on behalf of your customers. Our Expedition Cloud Marketplace allows you to:

  • Provision new customer tenants
  • Manage customer subscriptions
  • Access complementary products from third-party vendors and technical services that you can resell
  • Delve into smart data insights for Azure and Microsoft 365

Frequently Asked Questions

A Microsoft Indirect Reseller sells Microsoft cloud subscriptions, and complementary products and services, to end-customers with the support of a Microsoft Indirect Provider.

The Microsoft Indirect Provider (Climb) buys cloud solutions and service directly from Microsoft for the Indirect Reseller (you) to sell onto end customer. The Indirect Provider will support resellers with customer engagements and billing.

Our programme’s key differentiator is that we deliver technical and commercial support together. Many Indirect Providers solely focus on the technical development of their resellers and overlook the commercial support needed to make their resellers a success. While we have a strong team of Microsoft certified techies, we are also able to provide business model and value proposition design workshops, sales enablement training and support navigating Microsoft’s Go-To-Market platforms.

No. You can work with more than one Indirect Provider. So, if you’re unhappy with your current provider but want to try out our service before fully committing, you can move over only a few of your customers to begin with.

Our Microsoft Business Development Manager and Account Executive Team are here to support you from the moment you onboard and every moment after that.

We’ll get to know exactly what it is that you want to achieve and provide you with a comprehensive overview of what the programme includes and where to access each benefit.

If you’d like to find out more detail about our Microsoft Indirect Reseller Programme, please get in touch by filling out the contact form on this page or by contacting our Microsoft Business Development Manager, James Bayliss.

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