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AdminStudio is known for its ability to repackage legacy setups into desired formats and customise applications to meet the needs of an organisation. It also provides unprecedented support for handling vendor setups to prepare applications for custom deployment faster without the need to repackage. It will recommend silent command-line options and can even provide tested, validated command line suggestions to save users time identifying and researching vendor setups.

At Climb, we can support you with the licensing, training and support for this solution and have put together the below information that you can use for your conversations with your customers – highlighting the importance of AdminStudio.

What does the solution offer?

If your company uses Applications, you will need to have an “Application Readiness” process. Which just means – Are the applications you want to run, prepared and ready to work in an End User’s environment.

AdminStudio is a piece of software that manages the process of Application Readiness

Who is the target audience?

AdminStudio appeals very much to any Infrastructure/Operations Teams due to its consistency and standardisation – this just means teams don’t have to use multiple tools or train employees up on difficult and unproven Vendors.

Why do end users need this solution?

AdminStudio has been around for over 16 years and is considered the #1 Market Leader. With a mature product offering a mature App Packaging process, it is the most comprehensive “AR” solution on the market.

How to open a conversation
Use the below questions to open a conversation about this solution.

Q1 – Does your company use Applications? Of course you do. If you’re using applications, then you must have an ‘Application Readiness Process’ in place? What’s yours?

Most of them will probably not be aware of what/if they use something or the solution they offer most likely won’t be as comprehensive an offering as AdminStudio.

Q2 – What would happen if any (or all) of your applications stopped working?

An application not working for a business can lead to losing money, functionality and control.

Q3 – Would using the Market Leading ‘Application Readiness’ solution, when packaging & deploying your applications, help your business?

This would be a good time to highlight all the features AdminStudio has to offer. Once they’re happy with the advantage that AdminStudio can give them, set up a call with Flexera and Climb to scope out the opportunity and answer any follow up questions.

When to get Climb involved

All companies will use Applications, so an ‘Application Readiness’ Process will be necessary for your customers. It’s simply a matter of articulating the value of Flexera to the End User and helping them see where the value lies for their organisation.

Once their interest is raised, Climb can hold a joint call with Flexera, the reseller and end users to address any concerns and help scope the opportunity further.

Off the back of this, Climb will then be able to create a quote based on the End User’s requirements.

Get in touch

Do you want to find out more about how to explore and expand opportunities with your customers? Get in touch with our Flexera Business Development Manager, Ben Kohary, today for an intro call and to find out how Climb can help you. | +44 (0) 1364 655 200

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