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There’s a gap between the time third-party software vulnerabilities are disclosed and when they’re identified and fixed. Compounding this issue, patch catalogues are often ineffective for vulnerability management without insight into prioritisation of risk. Flexera helps to create effective software vulnerability management and security patch management processes that slash security risk by prioritising and optimising processes for managing software vulnerabilities. Now users can mitigate exposures before the likelihood of exploitation increases.

The importance of this solution has increased with the rise of data breaches and cyberattacks in recent years. At Climb, we can support you with the licensing, services and support for this solution and have put together the below information that you can use for your conversations with your customers – highlighting the importance of SVM.

What does the solution offer?

Hackers are working around the clock to exploit vulnerable software. Therefore, every Company that uses Software will need a ‘Software Vulnerability and Patch Management Solution’ to combat these threats.

SVM is a solution that allows you to clearly identify your Software Vulnerabilities and fix them – quickly using the largest Patch Catalog in the world.

Who is the target audience?

SVM will be a topic for both the IT and Security Department. IT Managers or the Infrastructure team who are tasked with keeping their software “patched” (software is updated) will be interested to hear about SVM, but also Security officers who need to keep track of all threats and vulnerabilities within the organization’s infrastructure.

Why do end users need this solution?

SVM is by far the most comprehensive vulnerability and threat Management offering in the market

How to open a conversation
Use the below questions to open a conversation about this solution.

Q1 – How do you currently patch your Software?

Listen out for words like patch scanner or manual process to introduce SVM to them.

Q2 – How demanding is that process? Does it take a long time? Do you patch all the software you need to, or do you just update the “most important” software?

Their current process is probably taking a long time and only focuses on the most important vendors, which can increase their risk of a data breach or cyber attack. SVM will allow them to automate the patching process – saving time and ensuring they’re as secure as possible.

Follow up points below

When to get Climb involved

All companies will use Software, so a ‘Vulnerability- and Patch Management Solution’ will be necessary for most End Users. It is simply a matter of articulating the value of SVM to the End User and helping them understand the value of it for their organisation.

Once their interest is raised, Climb can hold a joint call with Flexera, the reseller and end users to address any concerns and help scope the opportunity further.

Off the back of this, Climb will then be able to create a quote based on the End User’s requirements.

Get in touch

Do you want to find out more about how to explore and expand opportunities with your customers? Get in touch with our Flexera Business Development Manager, Ben Kohary, today for an intro call and to find out how Climb can help you. | +44 (0) 1364 655 200

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