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Ensure developers are optimising every stage of the API Lifecycle

Unlike many areas of the software industry, where trends and solutions remain largely the same, the world of API development is different. APIs have evolved from the simple transferring of information, to becoming an essential and seamless part of every eCommerce businesses’ supply chain.

Staying up to date with this ever-changing sector is so important for ensuring you can recommend the right products to your customers. We’ve put this page together, filled with useful descriptions and resources to help you improve conversations with customers.

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The API Lifecyle

SmartBear has a wide range of solutions that optimise every stage of the API Lifecycle, from design to monitor and review. Hover over the boxes below to discover the latest API trends based on the SmartBear report: The State of Software Quality for APIs.

Increased API Adoption

Increased API Adoption

API adoption and development is becoming more established. 51% starting to create APIs in the last five years.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Ease of use and integrations with existing tools are the top factors driving API tool choice

REST Development

REST Development

There has been a huge increase in multi-protocol API development, although REST still dominates. Is it time for change?

API Quality

API Quality

The friction between release speed and time availability is the biggest obstacle to ensuring API quality.

Who tests?

Who tests?

Developers are increasingly involved in testing tasks, with 57% of developer respondents indicating they have responsibility for testing.



API standardisation continues to be the top challenge that organisations want to solve.


SmartBear don’t just provide developers with industry-leading products in API development. They’re also at the forefront of market research.

The State of Software Quality for APIs

2021 has been a landmark year in the API lifecycle sector. Discover new trends and future predictions from their latest report, drawn from responses from over 1.600 API practitioners in more than 18 different industries globally.

Read the full report here.

More of a visual learner? Check out the video for an overview of the key takeaways from the report.

Register to watch now.

SmartBear Case Studies

IATA & SwaggerHub: API Standards To Enable Aviation Innovation.

Read full case study

Major American Airline Leveraging SmartBear API Testing Tools with ReadyAPI.

Read full case study

We’ll be continually updating this page with more exciting resources for you and your customers. If you’d like to enquire about API solutions from SmartBear, get in touch with our SmartBear specialist and Business Development Manager, Rod McVeigh.

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Webinar recordings and upcoming events to put in your calendars.

API Mocking Series

Mock services, or virtual APIs, can operate similarly to the API being developed. This enables developers to quickly create working mocks of a web service that streamlines client code development and test creation downstream. Check out the SmartBear webinar series to find out more:

API Mocking 101
An introduction to mocking, how it supports stages of SDLC, common use cases, the benefits of implementing mocking and much more… API Mocking 102
Discover how to leverage mocking workflows, add deep context and using contract testing to prevent drift between mock and code… API Mocking 103
Learn the best practices for recording internal and external endpoints, configure endpoints to behave realistically and an exclusive demo…

Fireside Chat

SwaggerHub and The Singularity DevOps
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A Cuppa with Climb: The API Lifecyle with Frank Kilcommins

In November’s episode of Climb’s monthly video series, ‘A Cuppa with Climb’, our host sat down with SmartBear API Evangelist, Frank Kilcommins, to discuss all things API.

Focussing on the key takeaways from the latest report from SmartBear, The State of Software Quality for APIs, Frank talks us through the shift in perception of APIs as simple business tools to becoming synonymous with a brand. The episode also covers the evolution of API development from REST to companies opting for a multi-protocol approach.


Ready API

ReadyAPI enables your customers to create, manage, and execute automated functional, security, and performance tests in one centralised interface – accelerating API quality for Agile and DevOps software teams.

Ensure end-to-end quality for all APIs and web services with these three specialist modules:

Ready API Test
Create comprehensive, data-driven functional API tests with or without scripts and add security scans with just a click.
Ready API Performance
Generate load, stress, and spike tests to validate whether your API can handle real-world traffic conditions.
Ready API Virtualisation
Remove dependencies in your testing pipeline by virtualising RESTful, SOAP, TCP, JMS, and other web services.


SwaggerHub is an integrated API design and documentation platform, built for teams to drive consistency and discipline across the API development workflow.

Why SwaggerHub?

Enables faster, standardised API design. Accelerate your customers’ design process while enforcing quality and style consistency.

Work smarter through collaboration. Foster API collaboration and standardisation across multiple teams. Offer SwaggerHub as a single source of truth for API definitions to deliver high-quality APIs to market faster.

Hosted, interactive API documentation. Accurate, up-to-date documentation is essential to a successful API initiative. Generate interactive documentation automatically during design to make it easy for consumers and internal users.

Swagger Open Source

Recently renamed to OpenAPI Specification, Swagger has evolved into one of the most widely used open source tool sets for developing APIs with the OpenAPI Specification.

Swagger has helped millions of API developers, teams, and organisations deliver great APIs.

Swagger Editor
Design APIs in a powerful editor which visually renders your customers API definition and provides real-time error feedback. Swagger Codegen
Your customers can build and enable consumption of an API by generating sever stubs and client SDKs with minimal plumbing. SwaggerUI
Enables developers to automatically generate documentation from their OpenAPI definition for visual interaction and easier consumption.

To find out more about SmartBear and their industry-leading solutions for all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle, check out their vendor page. If you’d like to enquire about any API solutions from SmartBear, get in touch with our Business Development Manager, Rod McVeigh.

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Rod McVeigh is our SmartBear Business Development Manager and here for any questions you have around the portfolio or services we offer.

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