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Powering Enterprise Cloud Migrations

Binary Tree by Quest enables organisations to transform and manage change with the Microsoft cloud. They have helped organisations plan, modernise and manage transformation with their market-leading cloud migration software and SaaS solutions.

Binary Tree has been focused on helping customers transform and manage change with Microsoft environments both on-premises and in the cloud since 1993 and was acquired by Quest in 2020. With 30 years of migration experience, Quest’s Microsoft Platform Management is considered the go-to for modernising Microsoft environments. Combining the two market leaders in on-prem, hybrid and cloud migrations, offers customers cutting edge features and comprehensive support that enhances their ability to address today’s challenges in Microsoft environments across not just migration, but management and security.

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Enhanced solutions that go beyond migration

As organisations continue their rapid pace of Microsoft / Office 365 adoption, they need help in to quickly and safely move to the cloud and modernise. With Quest and Binary Tree, organisations can look to one provider to help them address all of their Microsoft challenges no matter the level of complexity. This includes migration but also management and security challenges for Active Directory and Office 365 workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange. This combined functionality offers:

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Expand your Quest opportunities with Climb

Climb Channel Solutions provides an accurate, efficient and competitive service across a diverse range of everyday, business critical and emerging vendors.

Climb has been a Quest Distributor for 12 years in the UK and Ireland. Partners benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the Quest portfolio and the support we can offer for licensing queries and opportunity scoping.

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