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We’ve all heard about the importance of cloud computing for business continuity and productivity.

But what does it actually include and how can it benefit your customer’s business and make you money?

This eBook will give you an insight into what cloud computing is all about, the benefits for your customers and how Climb Channel Solutions can support the move to the cloud.

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It also covers how ManageEngine solutions and Climb can help to support your cloud business and ensure your customer’s migration is a success.


Download the eBook today and support your customers on their journey to the cloud!

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Our Services Division, Climb Global Services, can help you and your customers move to the cloud, whether that’s Azure, Microsoft 365 or AWS. They can support all aspects of cloud adoption from migration to training and enablement services.

Strategy: They’ll design a road map for any cloud adoption project, whether brand new or migrating existing solutions from on-premises or a different cloud provider.

End-to-end: They’ve helped partners and customers transform their businesses by moving to the cloud as well as deploying hybrid services. Certified for multiple vendors, they can also handle data backup and recovery deployed alongside the migration to ensure your business is secure, compliant and completely integrated.

Long-term support: They won’t vanish when the project is complete. When you or a client are one of our cloud service customers, you’ll have scalable support from our engineers and cloud architects for any products that you have purchased with us. 24 x 7 support is available if needed.


ManageEngine Services

They also offer ManageEngine Services. ManageEngine simplifies IT management with software solutions that are easy to use, easy to deploy and easy on their budget. They provide complete and easy to use solutions for even the most difficult IT management problems, keeping your clients’ businesses safe, ensuring high availability and boosting productivity.

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Use Cases

We’ve put together two use cases for the cloud solutions that ManageEngine offers,
to give you a real-life example of when their solutions can help and support your customers. Use-Case-1

Troubleshooting Performance Issues Remotely

A critical business application is not functioning or loading properly. The issue has been raised as a ticket remotely and an IT admin is allocated to handle it. Find out how the IT admin is able to analyse and resolve the issue using ManageEngine’s cloud-native solutions.


Scenario 1: A cloud-hosted application is not loading properly

Scenario 2: There is an underlying problem to the issue

Scenario 3: Users have encountered password sync issues

Read about itUse-Case-2

Enabling IT Cloud Transformation

An organisation wants to move to the cloud. It has a well-equipped on-premises infrastructure in place. While making this transformation, IT needs visibility on applications hosted in both cloud and on-premises environments.


Scenario 1: Migration of user accounts and mailboxes to Microsoft 365 

Scenario 2: Migration of on-premises infrastructure to public cloud

Scenario 3: Access management in hybrid environments

Read about itmanageengine-white-logo

Cloud solutions for your customers

ManageEngine offers a range of solutions to support multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures, boost productivity and collaboration of remote workforces, and enable seamless business continuity.

Climb has been a ManageEngine Distributor since 2014 and has an in-depth knowledge of its solution portfolio. For more information on ManageEngine and the cloud solutions we offer, get in touch with our Business Development Manager, Teddy Loveridge.

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