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Predictive prevention, powered by deep learning.

Deep Instinct is the first and only company to apply end to end deep learning to cybersecurity. Deep Learning is inspired by the brains ability to learn. Once a brain learns to identify an object, its identification becomes second nature. Similarly, as Deep Instinct’s artificial deep neural network brain learns to prevent any type of cyber threat, its prediction capabilities become instinctive. As a result, any kind of malware, known or new, first-seen malware, zero-days, ransomware and APT attacks of any kind, are predicted and prevented in zero-time with unmatched accuracy and speed anywhere in the enterprise.

Prevention Platform

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform is changing the way organisations approach cybersecurity by stopping unknown threats before they can land in a business environment with the highest accuracy and lowest false positive rate in the industry. This means fewer alerts to chase, true prevention of ransomware and zero-day threats, and greater assurance that the attackers will not succeed.

Prevention for Applications

Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications is an agentless, on-demand, antimalware solution for the enterprise that is device and system agnostic. With its unique, industry-leading deep learning approach, your customers’ organisations can prevent ransomware, zero-day, and unknown malware infected files before they reach their endpoint, server, or storage. Deep Instinct scans the entire content of a file to provide fast and extremely accurate malicious vs benign decisions in <20ms with <0.1% false positives and an extremely low footprint.

Prevention for Endpoints

With a lightweight, agent-based solution, Deep Instinct Prevention for Endpoint prevents >99% of known and unknown malware, dramatically reducing false positives, improving the effectiveness of existing security solutions, and lowering an organisation’s overall risk. Security teams will spend less time responding to benign alerts and more time focusing on higher-value priorities like threat hunting, patching, and hardening defences.

Prevention for Storage

DPS for Cloud Storage is a natively-integrated solution that leverages our deep learning framework to perform highly efficient malware scanning on files whenever they are added or changed within your cloud storage. This stops malware from ever entering your hybrid or public cloud storage environment, protecting the integrity of your data.

Andy Fidgeon is our Deep Instinct Vendor Manager and here for any questions you have around the portfolio or services we offer.

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