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Simplifying hybrid workspace management.

Flexxible’s innovative solutions leverage automation, monitoring, and robust support to streamline support and management of all workspaces, for organisations of all sizes.

Providing comprehensive device management and hands-free support task automations, enhancing productivity and reducing support times. Flexxible’s proven return on investment model ensures tangible efficiency gains and cost savings for organisations embracing the future of work.

A rapid IT Service transformation that positively impacts all users in the entire organisations, with Flexxible:

  • 19% of incidents are solved with self-healing before the user perceives anything wrong
  • 57% of incidents can be solved by L1, within the first 5 minutes
  • 65% of diagnosis time eliminated from support
  • 74% of support and operations tasks can be automated
  • 78% reduction in incident resolution time

Reduce overall Service incidents

The implementation of self-service helpdesk using Flexxible’s Custom Operations feature provides a significant reduction in potential incidents, providing a preventative guard against user dissatisfaction.

Improved User Experience

Analysing user experience with Flexxible and UXI allows users to identify potential service deficiencies, such as generating specific pre-alerts for the dissatisfaction of sensitive or critical user groups.

Improved Perception of IT services received

By reducing downtime, decreasing incidents generated and capitalising on the resultant increase in productivity, IT departments can improve the businesses perception of IT while also freeing up more time for key employees to spend driving value from IT investments.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Figure from Remedy indicate that, on average, users are impacted by some type of incident for 225 hours per year. With Flexxible, this time can be reduced by up to 78% allowing more productive hours across end users.

Reduce downtime due to incidents

Significant reductions in diagnosis time, incident resolution time, and the overall occurrence of incidents directly result in a reduction in user unavailability.

Self healing

Detects and autonomously resolves incidents, reducing reliance on user or helpdesk intervention, with an average auto-remediation of 19%.


Significantly reduces resolution time by up to 78%, enabling the helpdesk to resolve up to 70% of incidents at L1.

User Experience

Assesses User experience and provides valuable insights into areas that require improvement.

Security Updates

Ensures security updates are applied even on computers outside the corporate network, allowing seamless policy enforcement.


Offers predefines or easily customisable monitoring options, covering technical, security, application, inventory and location parameters.

Automatic Inventory Management

Maintains an up-to-date online inventory linked to equipment locations, streamlining management processes.

Application Inventory

Tracks installed applications, their usage, and facilitates automatic uninstallation based on usage patterns.

Service Crisis

Enables rapid response to cybersecurity crises related to the workplace or application deployment, ensuring a swift resolution.


Monitors equipment and printing consumption, measures CO2 emissions, and facilitates the application of eco-friendly policies.

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