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Backup and recovery software for business

Macrium Software is redefining disaster recovery and deployment solutions with unparalleled simplicity, efficiency, and speed. As a trusted provider of reliable imaging, backup, and complete disaster recovery software, they provide system resilience. Their deployment solutions streamline and accelerate the process of deploying operating systems at scale, ensuring seamless OS deployments and user-friendly experiences.

Whether your customer’s business is healthcare, manufacturing, education, or financial services, Macrium’s proactive approach creates security in an uncertain world.

Macrium Reflect Standalone

Macrium Reflect is a complete disaster recovery solution for businesses used worldwide to protect critical endpoints and data. All of the disk contents, including the operating system and data, are securely saved in an easily recoverable backup file by using advanced disk imaging technology.

Available for:

  • Workstation
  • Server
  • Server Plus for Exchange & SQL
  • Technician’s License

Site Backup

Available in large bundles with the same power, speed, and reliability of Reflect Standalone, but with the ability to scale, making licensing effortless. When managing thousands of endpoints, it is essential to keeping critical operations processes running effectively. Macrium offers centralised management of licensing and agent distribution, which enables users to successfully administer, backup, and restore workstations, servers, or virtual machines with Site Backup.

Deceptively Simple Deployment

  • Universal Deployment Media – Powerful, trusted boot media works on different firmware.
  • SiteDeploy – Effortless one-touch system deployment across locations to monitor and manage from your desk.
  • Deployment Kit – Businesses can employ offline or manual local deployment.

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