Upcoming Webinar – Unleashing Protective DNS for MSPs with DNSFilter

📅 Wednesday, July 17th, 2024
⌚ 2 PM ET
⌛ 1 Hour

Join Mikey Pruitt, Partner Evangelist for DNSFilter, for an insightful presentation on the importance of protective DNS in today’s cyber defense strategy. This session is designed for a MSP audience somewhat familiar with DNS and aims to deepen your understanding of its critical role in preventing cyber threats.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Why Protective DNS is Essential: Explore how protective DNS examines your web queries and implements safeguards to prevent access to malicious sites, blocking malware and phishing domains.
  • Initiating Client Conversations: Learn effective strategies for discussing security needs with clients, using real-world examples to highlight the importance of DNS security.
  • What Sets DNSFilter Apart: Discover the unique benefits of DNSFilter, including its machine learning-driven categorization engine, which identifies threats 10 days earlier than competitors.
  • Positioning Protective DNS to Clients: Understand how to position DNS layer security as a first line of defense in a modern security stack, making it an indispensable part of any security solution.
  • Onboarding with DNSFilter: Get a glimpse into the seamless onboarding process with DNSFilter, illustrated by successful case studies from various sectors.

Case Studies Highlighted:

  • Ransomware Defense: A Texas MSP implemented DNSFilter following a severe ransomware attack, highlighting DNSFilter’s reliability and effectiveness in preventing future disruptions.
  • Insurance Agent Compliance: Archway Computer integrated DNSFilter into its service packages to ensure compliance and threat protection for independent insurance agents.
  • Global Workforce Defense: One Fortune 500 transitioned from Cisco Umbrella to DNSFilter for superior threat detection after an internal test showcased staggering results.

Interactive Q&A Session:

Following the short presentation will be plenty of time for Q&A. Get your questions queued up and dive deeper into the technical aspects and real-world applications of protective DNS.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity strategy with the industry-leading protective DNS solution.

*All qualified MSPs will be entered into a raffle for 3 $100 Amazon gift cards, when you stay through the end!*

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