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Welcome to our Productivity Safari! Join us as we discover the key areas within a business that can lack productivity. This section of our guide will take you through efficient meetings and the ways your customers can improve their processes.

Efficient Meetings

Gorillas live in stable family groups and can often be seen sitting together and playing with their infants. It often looks like they’re holding little meetings, laughing and communicating.  

In 2021, 83% of people spent up to a third of their workweek in virtual meetings. Whether your customers are working in person or virtually, this is a large amount of time to lose within a work week, if the meetings are not productive.  

Climb offers a range of solutions that can help your customers ensure their workforce can conduct efficient meetings, effectively.  

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MindManager allows teams to collaborate, support, and manage projects using visual tools so everyone involved can view and edit information at the same time. From meeting notes to timelines, everything can be added to MindManager. The new integration with Microsoft Teams further allows employees to access their project plans, information and make changes during meetings. Having this solution will make your customers’ meetings more efficient as notes can be added straight into the project map. 


RealVNC allows teams to continue their collaboration, support, training, and more, wherever they are. It gives users remote access to their laptops from any device, so staff can pick up where they left off without any hassle. This means they can access their meetings from anywhere and share the information needed on the go without any hassle.  


TechSmith gives your customers the tools to create videos, annotate images, and to better explain the information they need to put across to their team. Instead of trying to explain something during a meeting, users can capture images or videos and annotate exactly what is needed and then include this in chats, presentations or emails to share with those attending. This takes away the pressures of time limits within meetings. 


In 2020, Microsoft Teams added 95 million users, making it one of the fastest-growing apps during the pandemic. The software allowed businesses to stay connected with their teams and continue working remotely with ease. With Microsoft Teams meetings your customers can take notes and record the call, and both can be easily accessed by attendees and absentees for reference afterwards. Users can share files in the chat (uploaded to SharePoint) as they talk and screen share so that everyone is on the same page.


Top Tips for Efficient Meetings

Are the right people involved in the meeting?

When arranging a meeting it is easy to invite a lot of people who don’t necessarily need to be involved. Bringing too many colleagues into the discussion can cause confusion and potentially deviate the discussions, meaning when the meeting ends, you may not have the outcome you expected or need.

Outline what type of meeting you’re holding – clear objective

It’s important to know what your meeting requires; this could be decision making, brainstorming, or information being passed to specific people. The meeting leader needs to have a clear objective about what they want to come from the meeting, in order to set the tone.

Take notes

Have you ever walked out of a meeting and forgotten what was agreed? If you are running the meeting, ask someone else to take notes for you so nothing is missed. This also allows you to send the notes to those who attended, so they have a record and can work on anything that was agreed during the meeting.

Create actions and follow up

If you’re involved in a meeting, there is always a reason. If there is an objective that needs to be met, it is important to ensure that the meeting does not end before actions have been discussed and delegated. As mentioned above, these can be at the end of the meetings notes and sent to all attendees during the follow up process.

Alongside sending the meeting notes to the attendees, if you have tried something new within the meeting, ask your colleagues for feedback. Did you use knew software to help collaboration when remote working? How did they feel? Was it beneficial? This can be incredibly helpful in trying to understand how best to work in these new circumstances.


Whether it is one individual or a team running a meeting, preparation is key. We’ve all attended meetings and seen the conversation start to move off topic and before you know it, you’re discussing what you’re having for dinner. By having a plan of what you need and want to discuss and what the outcomes are, you can avoid this happening and achieve your objectives.

In person or virtual?

Research suggests that 50% of meeting time is effective, and this number significantly drops when applied to remote meetings. So, are your customers using their meeting time wisely? If they are running a virtual meeting, have they specified if they require everyone to have their cameras on? They can also take advantage of the built-in recording software, so they don’t need to take notes as the meeting takes place. Likewise, if they are arranging a meeting to be had in person, have they booked a meeting room for this? They can then specify to those who need to attend, where it will take place and what time. If they’re noticing a lack of energy and creativity within the team, why not move the meeting outside?


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