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Welcome to our Productivity Safari! Join us as we discover the key areas within a business that can lack productivity. This section of our guide will take you through file sharing and the ways your customers can improve their processes.

File Sharing

Lions live in prides of up to 37 members and work together to hunt their prey, share the spoils of their hunt and raise their cubs. This means they share their hunting knowledge with the cubs to ensure their survival.

Like lions, employees work together and need to share information to achieve a common goal, objective or deadline. This can be especially difficult within a hybrid workforce. Information has to be shared in a secure and efficient way, as well as allowing teams to access and collaborate from anywhere.

Our vendors offer solutions to ensure your customers have the right tools to stay secure and productive, no matter how they work – remote, hybrid or in the office.

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Product Focus Area


Progress MOVEit provides secure collaboration and automated file transfer of sensitive data and advanced workflow automation capabilities without the need for scripting. Encryption and activity tracking enable compliance with regulations.


WinZip Suite is the only all-in-one solution built to help users zip, unzip, share, organise and manage their files. Whether your customers need better file sharing, more storage or enhanced computer performance, WinZip Suite is the solution for them.


ABBYY FineReader PDF is not just a PDF tool but offers a lot of features to simplify file and information sharing. From creating, editing and organising PDFs to collaborating and approving them, ABBYY offers a wide range of features to allow your customers to share the right information at the right time.


Share and manage content, knowledge and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across the organisation. SharePoint is integrated across Microsoft 365 apps allowing your customer to simultaneously work on documents, share them with the wider team and house them in one place. Users can also create intelligent intranet pages – surfacing important information to employees – without the need for code. 

Find out more about our Microsoft Reseller Partner Programme.


Top Tips for File Sharing

End-to-end encryption

Make sure you pick a service that offers end-to-end encryption. This protects businesses from external hackers and also prevents the solution’s provider itself from viewing your data.

Permissions settings

Always double-check permission settings. Most services allow for a public sharing option, but that means that anyone with the right link can obtain your files.

Run audits

Run audits on your files to see who is accessing them. If a file is no longer needed, remove it from your cloud system entirely.

Ensure you have processes in place

File sharing will happen at work. If you don’t have a secure process in place, people will look for different solutions, not approved by the company. Ensure your employees can share files with internal and external contacts.


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