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CTERA is the leader in edge-to-cloud file services, powering 50,000+ sites and millions of users. CTERA delivers a cloud-native global file system over public or private object storage, with a data services ecosystem that enables full control of data for optimal edge performance, granular security, data insight, and governance.

  • Wide Use Cases – Hybrid cloud with edge filers and endpoint clients for content collaboration
  • Cyber Resilient – Built-in virus and ransomware protection
  • Scalable Data Management – Two-tier zero-trust architecture scaling to PB’s of data and thousands of sites
  • DataOps Enabler – Open-source SDK for programmable deployments and data pipeline automation

NAS Modernisation

Hybrid multi-cloud solution displacing traditional NetApp/Isilon siloed systems

Secure Global Collaboration

Syncs data over high-latency links across distributed locations and endpoint users

Cyber Resilient Storage

Ransom-safe file platform, with real-time attack alert

Data Protection & Archiving

Failsafe data platform with zero-minute DR failover and long-term WORM archival

DataOps Automation

Programmable framework for automating data-driven business workflows and administration

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