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The brilliance of IT resilience

Quest creates software solutions that make the benefits of new technology real in an increasingly complex IT landscape. From database and systems management to Active Directory and Office 365 management, and cyber security resilience, Quest helps customers solve their next IT challenge now. Quest Software – where next meets now.

Maximise the performance and availability of key applications and databases while simplifying management — for the best possible user experience.

Database monitoring and analytics

Simple, consistent performance monitoring and management across heterogeneous database platforms to reduce administrative costs and improve service levels.

Key Product: Foglight, Spotlight

Storage performance and utilisation management

Take control of an environment, unlock hidden resources and simplify cloud migration, as well as keeping businesses happy by helping achieve maximum system uptime.

Key Product: Foglight, Spotlight

Operating systems monitoring

Takes the complexity out of monitoring systems and simplifies the process with a unified solution that allows users to visualise core physical and virtual metrics and gain deep insight into memory, CPU and I/O processes.

Key Product: Foglight, Spotlight

Leverage an always-on, easy-to-manage infrastructure that delivers a full-system, instant recovery to get back online in under 15 minutes.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Scalable backup and recovery solutions that reduce backup windows and ensure business continuity after a natural or man-made disaster.

Key Product: Rapid Recovery

Microsoft 365 Data Protection

Comprehensive backup and restoration capabilities to meet business SLAs and compliance requirements.

Key Product: NetVault

Deduplication and Replication

Cloud-connected storage, deduplication and replication solutions that reduce storage costs in physical and virtual environments.

Key Product: QoreStor

Virtualisation Protection

Accelerate and improve the performance of an entire virtual infrastructure.

Key Product: Foglight Evolve

Automate migration, management and security functions for Active Directory®, Exchange, Teams, SharePoint®, Office 365™ and more.

Microsoft Migration

Offer your customers ZeroIMPACT migration and consolidation solutions to help simplify migration planning, overcome unforeseen challenges and finish projects faster.

Key Product: On Demand Migration

Microsoft Management

Save time and minimise security risks by automating all manual administration tasks that otherwise take time away from employees, including user and group management, Group Policy management, AD health monitoring and disaster recovery and Office 365 backup and licence management.

Key Product: Quest On Demand

Microsoft Security

Secure the internal Microsoft environment tightly and ensure continuous regulatory compliance. Protect hybrid AD and Office 365 against security threats with go-to solutions to detect, defend against and recover from security incidents, outages or disasters.

Key Product: Change Auditor

Automate development and administration tasks to increase productivity, optimize performance, ensure top-quality code and reduce costs.

Database Development and DevOps

Respond quickly to change and enable your customers to implement consistent, repeatable processes and give them agile DevOps advantages for their database development.

Key Product: Toad

Database Administration

Resolve problems before they impact the environment and streamline routine database administration tasks. Quest offers highly effective database administration tools.

Key Product: Toad

Cloud Migration

Cost-effective database replication and migration solutions that simplify the journey to the cloud. Near-real time replication without interrupting end-user productivity allows users to achieve high availability and business continuity.

Key Product: SharePlex

Data Preparation

Offer up to 50% time savings in data preparation tasks with secure, governed workflows. Provide data to users in real-time with desktop-based, self-service solutions.

Key Product: Toad Data Point

Database Replication

Replicate data to where the business needs it most – whether it’s replicating a production database for high availability or integrating data to other databases – on-premises or in the cloud.

Key Product: SharePlex

Easily provision, manage, secure, and service your growing organisation’s network-connected devices with integrated appliances that deliver fast ROI.

Device Inventory

Enroll and inventory corporate or employee-owned devices and proactively manage them alongside laptops, computers, servers, non-computer devices and internet-of-things technologies using a single console.

Device Management

Automate and minimise management effort with an easy-to-use interface that offers powerful functionality.

Endpoint Security

Enhance security using discovery, inventory and patch management for all endpoints. Minimise risk by easily locating or wiping any lost or stolen mobile devices.

Andy Fidgeon is our Quest Vendor Manager and here for any questions you have around the portfolio or services we offer.

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