Discover leading vendors and services from our CRO, Gerard Brophy

Following the exciting announcement in August, our host, Hope Smyth, sits down with the Founder of Spinnakar and our new CRO, Gerard Brophy. In this episode, they cover the benefits this acquisition offers our resellers and their end users.

A huge focus for Spinnakar as the company grew exponentially from its conception in 2018, was to introduce data-centric vendors into the European channel that offer great solutions to end users, while benefitting resellers with enticing margins, services and expertise.┬áThese values are something that Climb and Spinnakar have in common, Gerard describing it as sharing “the same DNA”.

Watch the full video to find out more about how Climb can now support your customers with managing their data.

As we work to incorporate our brands, websites and services, check out the Spinnakar website to discover all the vendors joining our portfolio. Or you can find out more about the acquisition by checking out the press release from August.

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