We’re excited to share that Kiteworks has strengthened their partnership with Climb Channel Solutions to enable UK-based organisations to better meet increasingly stringent data security and compliance requirements.

This is particularly pertinent in the wake of the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s report that provides guidance for businesses to enhance resilience against major threats like phishing, ransomware, and password attacks.

Kiteworks’ Private Content Network enables public and private sector companies throughout the UK to strengthen their security posture by seamlessly sending, sharing, receiving, and storing sensitive content. The award-winning solution is particularly relevant to highly regulated industries and those with sensitive intellectual property, such as education, financial services, healthcare, legal, pharmaceuticals, and technology.

“We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with Climb Channel Solutions,” said David Byrnes, Vice President of Worldwide Channels at Kiteworks. “This agreement reflects our commitment to the UK market, where there is growing demand for a robust solution to protect file and email data communications, both within and outside of the organisation. A Private Content Network such as ours can be instrumental in helping to prevent data breaches and compliance violations. By leveraging Climb Channel Solutions UK’s extensive network and expertise, we can more effectively deliver our advanced governance and security features to organisations facing data privacy regulations and stringent security standards.”

“Climb Channel Solutions is dedicated to bringing the very best emerging technology solutions to our customers,” added Gerard Brophy, Chief Revenue Officer at Climb Channel Solutions. “Strengthening our relationship with Kiteworks is a testament to this commitment. We believe that the Kiteworks Private Content Network, with its focus on secure file sharing, transfer, and data communications, is perfectly aligned with the evolving needs of UK businesses. Together, we’re poised to offer unparalleled solutions that not only enhance security but also drive operational efficiency.”

To find out more about what Kiteworks offers, have a look at our vendor hub and get in touch with our Alliance Manager, Peter De Lange at pdelange@climbcs.co.uk.