2024 SolarWinds Incentive Program

 SolarWinds is evolving their strategy to fuel partner’s growth with the 2024 Transform Partner Program, offering consistency, robust profit potential, and tools and resources capable of accelerating time to market across diverse geographies and partner types.

Announce at the SolarWinds Transform Partner Summit, the SolarWinds Incentive Program has been created to increase velocity, simplify the experience, and fuel your ability to drive digital and IT transformation for your customers. The Program rewards the attainment of your Total Acceleration Target (TAT), applies to SolarWinds channel-initiated revenue booked, and runs from January 1 to December 31, 2024.

The SolarWinds Incentive Program rewards your attainment of the following:

  • Observability Acceleration Target (OAT)
  • Database Acceleration Target (DAT)
  • ITSM Acceleration Target (IAT)

SolarWinds Incentive Program:

  • The sooner SolarWinds Partners attain their annual CI incremental bookings target in the year, the higher the incentive rewards
  • Pioneering partners who attain the annual target in Q1 receive a 30% incentive.
  • Partners who attain the annual target in Q2 receive a 22.5% incentive.
  • Partners who attain the annual target in Q3 receive an 18.75% incentive.
  • Partners who attain the annual target by the end of the year or in Q4 receive a 15% incentive.
  • Any incremental bookings over the annual target will pay out on the same % incentive dependent on the quarter annual target attained, up to 200% attainment of the annual target.

For more information, get in touch with our Vendor Manager, Thomas Lewis on thomasl@climbcs.co.uk