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Active Directory Solutions for Cyber Resiliency

How do you protect your Active Directory from ransomware attacks?

With ransomware attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, no organisation is safe. By finding the potential areas of risk and assessing who is doing what in the environment, a picture can be built on who or what can pose a threat.

When an Active Directory (AD) fails, the IT environment comes to a grinding halt. Reduce the impact of an attack with the ability to recover your Active Directory (AD), and fast. 

A cyber attack can be catastrophic to any unprepared or unsuspecting organisation.


Attempted AD attacks
every day


Microsoft Entra ID
(formerly Azure AD) accounts
are compromised each month


The average downtime
for a ransomware attack

Are you ready to recover your customers Active Directory?

In today’s world, a ransomware attack is inevitable. Recovering an AD can be difficult without a comprehensive recovery solution. Make sure you’re prepared before it’s too late.

The most common AD security risks

Too many administrators

Leads to privilege abuse and data leakage. Only give admin access to users that really need it.

Competency gap

There’s a shortage in talent within the cybersecurity industry.  Investing in comprehensive solutions can help bridge the gap.

Leaving inactive accounts

Inactive accounts should be disabled and then deleted. If not, they are an open door for an attacker to gain entry to AD.

Compromised AD backups

Simply having a backup isn’t enough. When the hacker is in, they can tamper with (or worse, delete) them if not stored in a highly secure location, and outside of your current environment.

Easy to guess passwords

If it’s easy to remember, it’s usually not secure! One weak password can lead to your entire AD being compromised. Put a password policy in place to keep your AD safe.

Don’t know who’s logged in

Not knowing who is in your environment makes it difficult to protect vital identities and data. Implement a proactive method to keep track of logins to easily spot anomalies so you can act fast.

Recover with speed and confidence

A proactive Active Directory recovery solution that guarantees your customers will be back up and running. Offering the below:

  • AD recovery in minutes or hours instead of days, weeks or months – 5x faster than Microsoft
  • Recover with a touch of a button instead of a 40-page document
  • Significantly reduce company downtime when a disaster occurs
  • Remove the element of human error with automation processes
  • Wide variety of recovery options from clean OS recovery to bare metal
  • Increase security and reliability with encrypted AD backups

The Benefits

A Gartner Analyst stated: “accelerate recovery from attacks by adding a dedicated tool for backup and recovery of Microsoft Active Directory.” 

IT analyst Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published a technical review that examines and validates how Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition (RMADDRE) simplifies, accelerates and automates backup and recovery of Microsoft AD.

Following this review RMADDRE earned the validated benefits of:


AD recovery is at least five times faster than the manual process


Reduces the amount of keyboard interaction and concomitant risk of human error

Reduced Risk

Reduces the possibility of reintroducing malware during recovery operations


Offers recovery to a clean OS install and implements a phased recovery process

Ensuring your customers are cyber resilient!

FREE* security assessments within your AD and Microsoft Entra ID

Get a free security assessment of your environment with Quest. Detect any vulnerabilities and improve their security posture within your and your customers AD and Microsoft Entra ID.

If you are interested in hearing more, get in touch below to setup a 45 Minute discovery call to talk you through the process. Available options are outlined below:

*Available to environments with 1,000+ users

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