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Innovative cyberstorage defense safeguards data against theft and ransomware

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Calamu Protect

Calamu provides protection where it’s most needed and most effective - onto the data itself. The patented cyberstorage solution automatically encrypts and fragments your data into pieces, then scatters them across geographically dispersed locations - making nefarious access nearly impossible.

Patented Engine.

Encrypts, fragments and scatters data across multiple storage locations of your choosing.

Scalable Protection.

Protects at-rest and in-motion data from server workloads to en-user workstations.


Automatically self-heals instantly utilizing built-in redundancies.

Regulatory Compliance.

Helps with compliance regulations and insurance premiums.

2022 SINET16
Innovator Award Winner

Recognized by:

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Why Partner With Calamu

Calamu works with industry-shaping resellers, distributors, and managed services providers (MSPs) that look for innovative solutions to help organizations protect their valuable data against theft, ransomware, and other evolving threats.


Offer your customers the most cutting-edge data security technology on the market


Competitive margins and protected deal registration

Dedicated Support.

Lead Sharing, co-selling, sales enablement and market development funds for VARs, MSPs and referral partners.

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