Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise

Military-Grade MFT Security for Your Mission-Critical Data

Offering unsurpassed customization, EFT™ Enterprise is the managed file transfer solution used and trusted by the U.S. Army, Fortune 100 companies, and businesses around the world. With operational efficiency in mind, EFT Enterprise features quick and intuitive setup, advanced functionality like complex automation capabilities, real- time visibility into data transfers, and much more. Our best-in-class managed file transfer platform offers unmatched simplicity, top- notch security, and stability so predictable, many administrators forget EFT is even running.

Customize the EFT™ Platform Exactly How You Need It

EFT's modular form makes it affordable by allowing you to purchase just the functionality you need. Additional advanced features can be added as your business needs change. EFT Enterprise has capabilities perfect for businesses that need automated secure file transfer software, military-grade security, and amazing load capacity. Some of our largest clients transfer thousands of files per second using EFT Enterprise.

Key Benefits:

  • Automation, two-factor authentication, folder monitor, scheduled transfers
  • You can be up and running in hours instead of days
  • Easy administration and end-user interfaces
  • On premises, hosted in the cloud, or fully managed and hosted options available

Mail Express®

Secure File Exchange for Your Business

Large File Exchange for the Enterprise

Person-to-person file transfers are a part of everyday business operations. Unfortunately, many times those file transfers occur using unapproved, unsecured methods (such as personal email accounts or "Box" sites) because users are not provided a simple way to handle large file transfers within their current infrastructure. Mail Express® provides an easy way to facilitate those transfers in a secure, authorized manner.

The Mail Express Solution

Mail Express allows email attachments to be transferred easily and securely, while maintaining the mechanics of the email attachment from the sender’s perspective. Using the Microsoft Outlook Add-In or the secure web portal, Mail Express gives individuals the ability to seamlessly send email attachments as they always have, while adding IT control, auditing, policy-compliance, and self-maintaining storage behind the scenes.

Mail Express Capabilities:

  • Policy-based attachment control
  • Separate file expiration and file retention
  • Globalscape® EFT™ and DMZ Gateway® integration
  • Resumable file uploads and downloads
  • Detailed package tracking for both user and administrator
  • Customizable web portals

Robust administrator control over users including mandating use of FIPS 140-2 approved protocols and encryption.

  • AV/DLP server integration

Support for multiple languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese.

Key Benefits:

No User Training Necessary

Integration with Microsoft Outlook and easy-to-use Web-mail form allow seamless integration with users’ day-to-day work-flow.

Reduce IT Workload - FTP Alternative

Reduce need for management of FTP accounts, one-time-use external accounts, and management of mail server storage.

Recipient Reply Capabilities

Provides easy access for recipients of packages to return large files even though they have their own attachment limits.

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