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Welcome to our Productivity Safari! Join us as we discover the key areas within a business that can lack productivity. This section of our guide will take you through project management and the ways your customers can improve their processes.

Project Management

Zebras have excellent hearing and eyesight which is important when managing a large herd. They put these skills to the test during their feeding time, by taking turns to look out for predators and keep everyone safe. 

The same skills are required by project managers to ensure projects are kept on track and not disrupted and delayed by outside influences. Project management tools are becoming a staple, due to many businesses making the move to a hybrid workforce. When teams are based in different areas, it makes project management more difficult as team members cannot easily discuss ideas and collaborate. It is important to make sure your customers can manage their projects efficiently.

Climb offers a range of solutions that can help your customers ensure their workforce can manage projects effectively.  

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Product Focus Area


When the pandemic hit, businesses were forced to move to remote working. During this time, many elements of our day-to-day work changed, including collaboration. MindManager allows teams to collaborate visually, organise, and communicate ideas in one place, at the same time. Working on a project but the team cannot get into the office on the same day? Set up a call, open MindManager, and begin your conversation. Can’t remember some of the ideas discussed at the last minute? Open MindManager and find all the notes in one place.


Remember when you could walk over to your colleague’s desk and discuss ideas in person? As businesses move to hybrid workforces, this simple task isn’t quite so easy. Camtasia is a video recording software that allows teams to communicate ideas using visual aids. Need to explain an idea to colleagues? Create a video to discuss and explain your ideas. Do you have colleagues on holiday? Create videos to give them updates on the project. Snagit is an image capturing tool, which allows teams to capture and annotate images, improving communication and collaboration within the team.


Microsoft Teams and Project go hand in hand. Microsoft Teams allows users to share screens, record meetings, and share documents meaning users can continually go back and review if needed. Microsoft Project integrates into Microsoft Teams and gives a full project overview from timelines to roadmaps, and more. These allow users to visualise every aspect of a project and keep all the information in one place. This is beneficial for businesses offering remote working, as it allows teams to work productively and efficiently without needing to be in the same room.


Top Tips for Effective
Project Management

Understand the Goal

Sometimes, employees are very quick to jump feet first into a project before taking on board all the factors that contribute to it. One of the keys to success is knowing what the aim is and understanding the why and how. Without this understanding, project managers cannot successfully lead a team through each stage of the project ensuring they will achieve the goals. 

Time Management

With any project, planning members’ time is extremely important to ensure that every task required to meet the goal is completed. Creating a roadmap at the beginning of the project will show the timeline and can achieve smarter team collaboration on tasks, and achieve higher productivity throughout the project.  

Risk Management

It is easy to jump into a new project thinking nothing can go wrong, but regardless of the project, there is always a chance. Having a risk management strategy in place equips teams with a backup plan, reducing the downtime they would otherwise experience. 

Select the right tools

According to PWC, project management software increases performance, and it has been found that 77% of high-performing projects use project management software. Whether your customers are working in the office or within a hybrid workplace, having all their information readily available is a necessity and could help to increase their productivity.


Communication is key when working on a project, but this doesn’t just mean talking to the team. Listening to your colleagues’ opinions is important, whether you agree or disagree. This can go on to enhance collaboration and by doing so can enhance collaboration within the team.  


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