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Application Security

Applications are constantly changing with Operating System (OS) updates, bug fixes, and new features. Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated every day making it increasingly difficult to secure our applications. 

Application security ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the application and sensitive data within, by preventing security breaches and protection against cyber-attacks.  

of organisations believe that application security is a top priority, but only 35% have the resources to address it.

Source – Ponemon Institute 2022 State of Application Security Survey

How it works

The application security process involves applying measures that can identify new or abnormal code, detect whether it’s vulnerable, and action a fix before being exposed to a breach or attack.

  • Identify – Find security risks before those risks become a bigger problem.
  • Protect– By security testing and applying the right tools to safeguard your code.
  • Detect – Integrate tools to find and alert you to threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Respond – Take the necessary action to stop or minimise any flaws, vulnerabilities or threats when they have been detected.
  • Recover – Fix any issues that arise and restoring regular operational capabilities.

Protect against data breaches & cyber-attacks

Prevent significant financial loss or damage to reputation. Application security helps protect sensitive data from theft or unauthorised access. By identifying and mitigating potential security risks in applications reduces the risk of data breaches.

Reduce downtime

Application security helps ensure that applications are available and functioning properly, reducing the risk of costly downtime that can negatively impact productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Increase customer confidence

Demonstrating a commitment to application security can help increase customer confidence in the ability to protect their sensitive information. This can be particularly important for organisations that handle sensitive customer data, such as financial institutions or healthcare providers.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Many industries are subject to regulations that require them to maintain certain security standards. Application security can help ensure compliance with these regulations by addressing security risks that could lead to a compliance violation.

Avoid being part of a statistic

70% of organisations have experienced at least one data breach due to insecure applications. *

The level of risk within your ecosystem should be considered when deciding on how much investment you allocate per area. The higher the risk, the more you should be prioritising to protect your business.

Attacking application vulnerabilities is one of the most common cyber-attack methods for hackers. Despite this, many applications remain unprotected with minimal security solutions implemented through the lifecycle and beyond.

With our vendors, Climb Channel Solutions provide an extensive range of tools to protect your application through its full lifespan.

*Source: Ponemon Institute

Back up and recovery

Unlock the safety net for your customers. Safeguarding data with our proactive backup and seamless recovery solutions.

Protect your data and ensure business continuity with our reliable and efficient backup and recovery solutions. With our vendors, we offer a comprehensive set of tools and solutions designed to significantly reduce the risks of data loss and facilitate fast and simple to action recovery options.

of organisations will suffer business disruption due to data
loss. How fast you can recover your data in those situations depends on the robustness of your backup solution.

Source –

What are the greatest risks to data?

It can be this easy to lose valuable data, but by having a backup solution in place you can get it back! Without a backup solution, you could accidentally press delete and lose that data forever.

Creating backups on a remote cloud solution allows you to recover this data to another desktop.

Ransomware blocks end-users from accessing files and applications, and hackers will demand a ransom to restore the access. By having a backup procedure in place, you have peace of mind that you have alternative areas to access your valuable data.

data loss

In the event of system failures, breaches, or other unforeseen circumstances, have the peace of mind your data is safe and can be restored from the last safe state.


It’s become an expectation that applications and services ensure uninterrupted access. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with a robust recovery method.


A recovery method allows for a quick and simple restoration. Significantly reduce the time your services are down and ensure optimum operation time for your business.


Replication allows you to essentially rewind your progress and start again in case of a data loss. Replication functionality is the quickest way to retrieve data and save time on the recovery process without causing any backlog in business processes.


Many industries have strict regulatory requirements regarding data protection and availability. Implementing a recovery method ensures you can demonstrate your ability to restore data and maintain system integrity.


The financial impact includes lost productivity, potential revenue loss, and expenses associated with data recovery. Avoid expensive data recovery services or time costing manual intervention with a reliable recovery solution

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