Migrate and Protect File and Object Data from Anywhere

Moving unstructured data from one platform to another can be time consuming, costly, and risky, especially when your customers are talking about millions – or billions – of files. And every day spent migrating data to a new storage platform is a day of lost ROI. There is a better way. DobiMigrate®


DobiMigrate® Features and Benefits

Easy Setup and Management
Set up quickly and manage easily with an intuitive interface.

Fast and Efficient
Get fast, efficient cutovers and short project durations.

Migration Automation
Automate execution of user-defined migration policies.

100% Verification
Be assured by verifiable proof of 100% accurate data migration.

Massive Scalability
Easily migrate PBs of capacity and/or billions of files.

Platform Independence
Trust DobiMigrate's 100% vendor and platform independence.

Protect file and object data anywhere

DobiProtect® makes protecting your most business-critical NAS and object data against cyberthreats, ransomware, accidental deletions, and software vulnerabilities simple, quick, and cost effective.

  • Protect your business-critical unstructured data assets to an air-gapped golden copy in a bunker site in your remote data center or in the cloud.
  • Keep storage costs to a minimum by selecting just the data that will be needed when disaster strikes.
  • And when disaster does occur, recover your data entirely, restore just a subset of data, or failover to your golden copy.

DobiProtect Features and Benefits

The scale-out architecture grows to support billions of files and PBs of data.

Fast Data Copy
Copy your data from anywhere to anywhere at lightning speed.

100% Replication Accuracy
Get 100% replication accuracy from a solution that hashes every file.

Easy, Granular Restore and Failover
Get easy and granular data restore or failover when you need it.

Protect any SMB, NFS, or S3 storage.

No Hardware to Buy
Datadobi’s all-software solution minimizes complexity and reduces TCO.

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